Project Lifestyle Club Blog Planning Kit


Everything You Need To Create A Blog Planner That Works For Your Business. (Worksheets, Trackers and Video Tutorials & Tips)

At Last! A Blog Planning Kit That Comes With Full Instructions

My first encounter with a blog planning kit was a downloadable giant bundle of worksheets found on ETSY.

I remember being super excited about the prospect of getting organised about my blogging, tracking all my stats and charting my progress.

I was looking forward to preparing each blog post like a pro and putting system in place that worked like a charm, relieved all the stress and helped me devise a simple way to plan and organize my content in a structured and professional way

What happened next, is what I have found to be quite a common problem.

We love downloads don't we?

I mean I've downloaded worksheets, trackers and all sorts of templates over the years thatnever seemed to quite "fit my particular needs."

I thought to myself "Am I really that unusual here?"

I had all these beautifully designed worksheets and trackers downloaded, printed and ready to fill in, so off I went and got stuck in.

The first worksheet was a breeze.

The second was a little more challenging.

The third was ... well perplexing as it asked "what giveaways I had this month?"

(Hmmm what exactly were giveaways?)

Oh well, only another 35 trackers to go!

By worksheet number 9 over 2 and 1/2 hours had gone by and there I was still filling in worksheets and trackers instead of strategically planning my blogging to be more effective at generating leads for my business that a high chance of turning into sales.

Now for the record, the worksheets were GREAT.

They looked great, they contained good information, they were easy to download and print and they filed perfectly in my folder.

Just one teeny weeny problem.

They came with no instructions or tried and tested strategy on how to use them effectively to grow my business.

So here's my version.

Introducing the Project Lifestyle Club Blog Planning Kit (The One That Come With Instructions)

Worksheets & Trackers Plus How To Use Them Effectively

If you are looking to grow your business online then your content & marketing should do 80% or more of the heavy lifting for you.

Blogging has the power to completely transform your business from drab to fab.

And your Project Lifestyle Club Blog Planning Kit is the right place to start creating a business model that can leverage the awesome power of the search engines & social media to create a target audience for your brand.

Let's Take A Look At What You'll Learn How To Do Inside The Blog Planning Kit training Modules:-

I'm a big believer in time spent planning is never wasted

But it’s also true that if you spend all your time getting ready to get ready you’ll miss the blogging party all together.

Here's the absolute best & most innovative way to go about it ...

How To Save Yourself A Ton Of Time By Branding Your Business From The Get-Go

Within the introductory section of your Blog Planning Kit is a step-by-step tutorial on how to create a brand mood board for your business.

This is a blog planning step for today’s savvy entrepreneurs that will save you a ton of wasted time & effort as your blogging gets underway.

When you know your style, colours, textures & keywords everything you create visually is 100 x easier.ob. Give it the respect, time and dedication it deserves and it will become the most valuable asset your business owns.

Free Complimentary Course Included ...

How To Create An Editorial Calendar For Your Business

Everything You Need To Know About Creating An Editorial Calendar For Your Business (The Easy Way)

What Are You Selling And Who To?

How to get crystal clear about what you are selling and who to for the most essential elements to drive blogging for your business forward with an effective strategy aimed at building your email list, increasing lead generation and creating an effective route to market for your products and service via your blog.

How To Create Your Content Buckets

In this module you'll learn how to think differently to everyone else when it comes to designing and developing your blog content by thinking like a publisher.

This module will give you total clarity about your blog topics and an effective way to organize your blog topics and sub-topics.

How To Create Unlimited Blog Post Ideas The Easy Way

Blogging for any business should be strategic. If I am a vegetarian, no amount of meat recipes is going to appeal to me.

Within your niche I guarantee very few people are blogging with the right strategy, or creating effective content that leads to their products and services. 

So in this important module I'm sharing with you all the best types of blog posts to create and how to find unlimited ideas to blog about that are super targeted to your target market.

How To Think Like Simon Cowell And Avoid The Number One Mistake Most Bloggers Make

In this final module, we'll be looking at which statistics and reports you need to track to monitor growth and why blogging for your business is no field of dreams scenario.

(worksheets & trackers included)

This is a hybrid course where worksheets come with full instructions on how to use them ;-) 

As content marketers we appreciate that content is, and always will be king and it should be your #1 lead generation strategy for your business.

It's a snip at just £20.00 + vat (that's £24.00 in total)


Diane Cossie, Creative Online Marketing Ltd