New Branded 12 Slide Powerpoint Presentation (Custom)


Make An Impact With Your Next Powerpoint Presentation

Are you planning on giving a presentation or creating an online webinar?

Let us take care of your next presentation


If you are a little nervous that your next presentation opportunity might let you down, not get your point across or even send your audience to sleep, we can help.

Powerpoint Presentations are a speciality of ours and we like to help you look your best, present your best and make an impact. Our design team will work our magic on your existing presentation and bring it to life or we'll design you a whole new one based on your individual requirements.

Some Examples Of Our Recent Powerpoint Presentation Creations

Start From Scratch Or Breathe New Life Into Your Tried And Tested Trusty Powerpoint Presentation

If you are thinking about refreshing your existing Powerpoint Presentation we can help you. For refreshing your existing Powerpoint you can expect to pay around £10.00 per slide.

If you would like us to work through a brand new presentation with you you can expect to pay around £20.00 per slide and we'll always give you a first draft to allow for any final changes you want  to make.

We will colour match your presentation to your own branding and even add in some animation if you want or make some suggestions that will help you get your point across and make your presentation memorable for all the right reasons.

 Why settle for an "average presentation" when you make your next presentation STAND OUT from the CROWD!

Helping small business owners and entrepreneurs is what we do best.

Our training programs and classes are convenient to access 24/7 so the information is available when you need need for however long you need it.

We also take great care to combine step-by-step tutorials, worksheets and workbooks, little-known techniques and a private Faceboook Group for added assistance, training and support.

We hope to welcome you as a customer of Creative Online Marketing or as a member of our signature program (the Project Lifestyle Club) in the near future and help you to get the results you deserve with your online marketing.

P.S. Larger presentations available on request.