Instant Facebook & Instagram Updates (Done For You) Posted on 22 Jun 17:39

We know how frustrating social media management can be, we've been there, worn the t-shirt and tried just about every scheduler tool on the planet.  

I remember when a Twitter webinar host was so engrossed in what he was sharing, we spent the entire 45 minutes looking at 2 Twitter birds on a tree!  

The slides didn't change :)  

Thank the Lord times have!  

Now instead of just Twitter and Facebook we have Instagram, Pinterest AND Google+ to somehow squeeze into our day. 

 Don't let social media guilt trip you into thinking you need to be on them all - you don't! 

The two I'm focused on this year are Facebook and Instagram.  

And to make it super easy for myself I began batching up images and scheduling them, it saves a ton of time and allows me to do other things (like info product creation) 

So .. I thought it they are useful for ME, I'm guessing they might be useful to you! 

You'll find bundles of 30 800px x 800px images all ready for you to add your URL, website, hashtag or logo to inside our wonderfully helpful &inspiring Project Lifestyle Club Store.