What's In Store?

Welcome To The Project Lifestyle Club Store

"I believe everything you are seeking right now can be summed up in two words Project Lifestyle."

If you are looking for great information about building your business online & creating multiple streams of passive income by creating digital products then you are in the right place.

If you are a local business based in Shropshire, I offer freelance services that include:-

  • Social Media Done For You Services (which includes Facebook page likes ads)
  • Facebook Marketing For Small Business Services 
  • Social Media Power Hour *Popular*
  • Digital Marketing Consultancy Services

And if you are not quite so local, don't worry you an access our Courses, Image Packages, Workbooks, Planners, Workshops and Merchandise digitally 24/7/365 from the store and the Project Lifestyle Club website.

Our current Courses include:-

 Find out more about me on my website DianeCossie.com and don't forget to subscribe my weekly Newsletter "The Passive Income March" by clicking here.

To your online marketing success!